Women in London Shocked by Sleeping Together with the Piton Snake

Women in London Shocked by Sleeping Together with the Piton SnakeA woman in Kensington, London, England, was startled by an “uninvited guest” who suddenly slept with her in the same bed. The guest is a very large python.

He found the snake beside him on waking, Monday last week, then with a jumping reflex. After exiting the room and closing the door from the outside, he contacted the RSPCA animal handling officer for help.
The snake is believed to be a pet of a man who escaped from the owner’s home. But when the RSPCA officer named Jill Sanders arrived and checked the room, the snake was gone in bed.

“Poor citizen, he was terrified of waking up and finding a snake in his bed.He jumped out of bed and closed the door to hold the snake, but when I arrived I did not find the python I asked him to contact me again after see it, “Sanders said, quoted from Mirror, Monday, July 30, 2018.

The 1.5-meter-long snake was captured by Sanders as he crawled in the corridor at night, after the landlord contacted him again. Sanders believes the snake belongs to a neighbor of a fleeing victim, but it is unknown who the owner is.
In this summer many reports of snake findings. The reptile animals will get more energy in warm weather because they are out.

“We always recommend owners to make a suitable and safe enclosure for this species, if necessary, locks when unattended” Reptiles, especially snakes, are shrewd animals by taking chances through loose door gaps, “he said.