Who Will Be the Best Actor Oscar this year?

Who Will Be the Best Actor Oscar this year?There are a number of names that have entered into the list of nominees for the Best Actor category at the Oscars this year’s event.

At the Academy Awards, the 89th, the name Casey Affleck through the film ‘Manchester by the Sea’, Denzel Washington through the film ‘Fences’, Andrew Garfield through ‘hacksaw Ridge’, Ryan Gosling through the film ‘La La Land’, and Viggo Mortensen through the ‘Captain Fantastic’ competing in the category of Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Then, who is going out a winner? try to collect data from various sources, Cybercilik has some predictions.

Of the five names there are two names were called by many sources will win the gold trophy picture of a naked knight and was holding the sword. Both are Casey Affleck and Denzel Washington.

The prediction dikarena both have managed to win the trophy in a similar event and beat their competitors are almost identical to their competitors in the Oscar.
If Casey Affleck managed to bring home the trophy at the Golden Globe in 2017 for her role as Lee Chandler in the film directed by Kenneth Lenorgan it, Denzel Washington won kemanangan in the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards 2017 through the film that he starred at the same time he directed the ,

Eits, but do not forget Ryan Gosling who also won at the Golden Globe in 2017 in the category Actor Comedy / Musical for his role as Sebastian in the film ‘La La Land’. Ryan Gosling also has great potential to win the trophy this year.

But despite acting Casey Affleck also get so much positive criticism, but Cybercilik predict the glories of Denzel Washington in ‘Fences’ will take him to get an Oscar this year.

Is Cybercilik predictions will become real? Stay tuned for the answer tomorrow, Monday, February 27, 2017 just in Cybercilik!