While Live Broadcasting, This Journalist Is Thrown by Eggs and Beaten

While Live Broadcasting, This Journalist Is Thrown by Eggs and BeatenA female journalist in Kiev, Ukraine was beaten while carrying out a live broadcast.

Darina Bilera from NewsOne TV channel covered the demonstration that took place in front of the Prosecutor’s Office.

The protesters protested the Ukrainian government’s decision to extradite a soldier named Timur Tumgoev to Russia at the request of the Federal Security Service.

Tumgoev, a soldier who fought a pro-Russian rebel, was accused by the Kremlin of being a member of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

When Bilera was broadcasting live, suddenly there was an egg thrown at him, with one of the men shouting at him as pro-Russian.

The riot police guarding behind him did nothing to help, causing the 20-year-old journalist to step aside.

“As you can see, we were attacked with them throwing eggs and ice at us,” said Bilera, who continued to report.

After he was at a place a little away from the prosecutor’s office, he again reported the situation when a woman kept the microphone she was holding.

Not yet lost in surprise, another woman suddenly hit her face and made her return to safety.

Tumgoev, who fought on the side of the Ukrainian government since November 2017, has reportedly submitted two asylum requests.

NewsOne TV is owned by businessman and politician Vadim Rabinovich known as “Ukraine’s Donald Trump”.

The Rabinovich party, His For Life, has three seats in parliament, and proposes peace talks for a peaceful Ukraine-Russia settlement.