Wharf in Spain Collapsed During the Music Festival, 266 People Injured

Wharf in Spain Collapsed During the Music Festival, 266 People InjuredAt least 266 people were injured when a wooden dock that was being used for a music festival in Spain suddenly collapsed. The pier in the area that collapsed when it was gathering many people.

As reported by AFP and Reuters on Monday (08/13/2018), the 30-meter long platform and 10 meters wide on the dock are filled with people watching rap artists at the O Marisquino music festival in the city of Vigo when the incident occurred.

The dock collapsed just before midnight local time (12/8). The collapsed dock was used as a platform for the audience.

“The cause is still unknown,” Vigo Mayor Abel Caballero told reporters at the scene. “Everything indicates that no one is trapped under (ruins),” he added.

Eyewitnesses told Spanish media that people were struggling to save themselves from the ruins of the pier. Metro.co.uk reports a team of divers is deployed to check whether there are victims who fell into the sea.

So far there have been no reports of casualties.

But the Health Minister of Galicia Region, Jesus Vazquez Almuina, told local radio that a total of 266 people were injured in this incident. Five of them suffered serious injuries, such as broken bones so they had to be hospitalized.

“This is a temporary amount, the patients are still being examined. For now, 266 patients are being treated, with most minor injuries due to bruising. There are five people who are hospitalized, mainly because of broken bones and head injuries,” he said.

The O Marisquino music festival was held for two days in Vigo, a city of 300,000 people. When the incident occurred, a local rap artist named Rels B was performing.