Wave Heat Continues Canada, The Victims Killed So 54 People

Wave Heat Continues Canada, The Victims Killed So 54 PeopleThe heat wave that hit the eastern part of Canada continues. The death toll from the heat waves increased to 54 people.

As reported by AFP on Saturday (7/7/2018), most of the victims were killed by heat waves in the region of Montreal. Montreal’s metropolitan health authority told AFP that the death toll in its territory reached 28 people.

Another death toll is reported to have come from southwestern Quebec.

This heat wave has hit Canada since the middle of this week. This week, the Canadian Environment Authority estimates the maximum air temperature to reach 35 degrees Celsius, but the air-heat index says it will feel like 45 degrees Celsius.

Air temperatures in Canada rose to a level of 30 degrees Celsius since 29 June. Prediction calls the air temperature will fall back on Saturday (7/7) local time.

“Looking at weather forecasts, we wait for the air temperature to return to normal within a few hours,” said Ministry of Health spokesman Noemie Vanheuverzwijn.

Most of the victims who died in Montreal were men in their 50s or older. The victims are known to live in poor conditions without air conditioning.

The Ontario region is also hit by high temperatures, but so far there have been no reports of casualties. In 2010, about 100 people died from extreme heat in the Montreal area.