Viral, Video of Women Tied in Front of Home and Laughed at Citizens

Viral, Video of Women Tied in Front of Home and Laughed at CitizensPersecution video of a middle-aged woman in North Nias on social media.

In an amateur video 9 minutes 19 seconds, a woman was bound by a group of people in the village of Sifaoroasi, Afulu District, North Nias Regency.

The woman became a laughing stock and a spectacle of local residents. Head of the Nias Police Criminal Unit AKP Jonista Tarigan confirmed the video. The parties who received the case report.

“Right, we have received the report of the Kasiani Zebua who are victims of persecution and this is our attention,” Jonista said,
Nias Police investigators have summoned five residents to be questioned. “This week we have called for witnesses who know about real events, and for the time being the names that were called were kept secret for the sake of the examination process,” he said.

Currently, the police have not changed the suspect into the percussionists. “We ask the media to remain patient. We will submit the update later.

Before we set a suspect, we called witnesses first. We can also reveal the motives and chronology of the incident. The reason is, we have not had many testimonies from witnesses, “Jonista said.