Viral Theft of Sharks Use Baby Carriage in the US Aquarium

Viral Theft of Sharks Use Baby Carriage in the US AquariumVideo footage of two people who were stealing a shark in San Antonio Aquarium, Texas, United States, busy discussed in social media up. The shark was stolen using a baby carriage.

Quoted from Fox News, Tuesday (31/7/2018), the incident occurred last weekend. The two people have admitted their actions. The shark was smuggled from the aquarium out of the building with prams that had been prepared before.

Leon Valley Police Chief Joe Salvaggio called them admitting stealing a 1.5ft horn shark. Recognition was submitted after the presence of officers who searched in their homes.

The stolen shark is known to be female and named Helen. Helen successfully returned to the aquarium on Monday (30/7) afternoon with good health conditions.

Officers explained, they run the action of the three. In addition to the two men, there was another woman recorded by CCTV.

A man and a woman monitored CCTV move sharks on Saturday afternoon (28/7) from an open aquarium tank. The two men and one woman were said to be on surveillance for an hour before running the action.

One of them took a shark with his tail while two others wrapped him in a wet blanket. Next put in a bucket and carried with a baby carriage.

Now two men who acknowledge the theft must take responsibility for his actions. But there is no information about the fate of the woman.