Viral, Arab Bride It Held to watch the World Cup in Marriage

Viral, The Arabian Bride Is A World Cup Nobar at Her WeddingWorld Cup Fever is engulfing almost all countries in the world. Many events nobar or watching together, to watch the game with more exciting.

Not wanting to miss a single game, a groom held a show with the World Cup at her wedding. The bride from Kuwait put a big screen in the guest room for the special guest of the man.
Reporting from Stepfeed, there is no confirmation of which country matches they witnessed that day. However, the video was viral in virtue of social media.
Various netizen reactions arrive. Many think it’s an exaggerated way, but some people think it’s a surefire way to keep a male guest present without missing a game schedule.

“He really knows what the guests want,” revealed a Twitter account called Aisha Al Aqeel.

“He’s doing this so people do not miss his marriage,” said another Twitter account.

The nobar event at the wedding is not the first time. In 2013, a marriage in Saudi Arabia also held a ball game and became viral.