Viral, Statue of Virgin Mary Crying Out Olive Oil in the United States

Statue of Virgin Mary  Crying Out Olive Oil in the United StatesA statue of Our Lady in a Catholic church in the United States is reportedly incubating tears of olive oil.

This news makes Catholics flock to the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Hobbs, New Mexico to witness the phenomenon.

The bronze statue was originally thought to have shed tears when first seen in May.

“The Catholic Church has a long history of believing in such supernatural things,” John Thavis, who wrote The Vatican Prophecies, told The Washington Post.

“There is a kind of curiosity and enthusiasm when things like this happen because it affirms traditional beliefs that God does work and sometimes shows up in the world,” Thavis added.

The head of Our Lady of Guadalupe church, Father Jose Segura, said he had never witnessed such a thing during his 12-year tenure and at first he also did not believe in the phenomenon. “This is a great thing for him.

He can not speak, “said Judy Ronquillo, a church staff speaking on behalf of Father Jose Segura.” There are moments when such a thing does not believe him, but now he believes, “Judy added.

Judi added that this phenomenon began on May 20 and coincided with the celebration of Pentecost Day, when the church people noticed there was fluid flowing from the eyes of the statue of Our Lady.

He continued, the statue continued to “cry” the next day and it kept repeating itself several times. A number of photos and videos released by the church show the statue with fluid in his eyes and flows to cheeks, mouth, and chin.

In one of the photographs visible, the liquid starts coming out of the upper eyelid. Investigators from Las Cruces diocese claim the tears consisted of a mixture of olive oil and perfume.

The investigators then collected as many as one “tear” spoon for examination and they believed it was the same oil used by the Catholic Church to baptize the church.

Bishop Jim Winder of Las Cruces diocese said church investigators also examined the statue and the surrounding area including a church roof and ensured the fluid was not a result of leakage.

Winder added, the investigation team also met with the manager of a factory in Mexico to make sure the bronze statue is not leaking and remove something from the inside.

“So far we have no explanation about the phenomenon,” added Winder.
Winder asserts, the church is not really worried about this phenomenon. The Church only monitors community reactions in response to this. “To be honest, the most important thing is that this phenomenon can get people closer to God, that’s what matters,” says Winder.