Viral ‘Squirrel’ Giant Worth USD 67,000 in Kazakhstan Reaps Controversy

Viral 'Squirrel' Giant Worth USD 67,000 in Kazakhstan Reaps ControversyA 12-meter giant ‘squirrel’ stands in the center of Almaty City, Kazakhstan. A squirrel with a manufacturing cost of $ 67,000 was reaping controversy.

Quoted from the BBC, Thursday (7/12/2018), the squirrel is made of straw and wood that is attached to the steel frame. The squirrel became one of the works of art in the framework of the festival in the city.

The $ 67,000 charge that was poured for the squirrel’s manufacture came from the tax fund. Some people think that the amount of money can be used for more useful things.

In the picture circulating it looks like the squirrel is holding a big nut. Local governments contributing to the manufacture of squirrels are also not free from criticism about financing priorities.

“He looks more like a mouse,” says social media user Tagir.

“(Dana) can help those who need money for the operation,” said another netizen.

Beyond all criticism, not a few who call the squirrel is a great work of art. Many children in town are enjoying the squirrel’s presence.

The squirrel was made South African sculptor Marius Jansen van Vuuren and British artist Alex Rinsler. A similar project was created both and on display in the city of Shanghai, China.