Viral Son Now in the US Confused Use Analog Phone

Viral Son Now in the US Confused Use Analog Phonewant to share the story of the past with her children, a father in Arkansas, United States (US) took home an analog phone. He then asked his three children to operate the phone.

He then captured the moment in which his children looked confused about how to operate the phone to contact someone.

A boy, wearing a green shirt, then tries to take on the challenge from his father. But he was caught in the confusion of not knowing how to dial the numbers correctly

Seeing the situation, another boy then tried the challenge. He then tried to dial the phone number.

Their younger sister in the back looks trying to help – tell her sister. He feels he has found the technique of using the right analog phone.

“I know how to do it, I know how to do it!” he said.

But the offer of help the younger brother on the edge of his brother.
“Well, if I do that, I just called mom,” the teenager said in the video, before realizing the call was not working.

Knowing what he did did not work, the teenager then threw the receiver to the table and left it.

Her sister then took over the challenge. He then tried techniques using analog phone that he considered correct. Unfortunately, he just repeats the exact same thing his brother did, just twirling the phone number.

The video was frustrated that US teenagers using analogue phones have been seen nearly 900 times since posted on Wednesday as quoted by the Daily Mail on Saturday (28/07/2018)