Viral Predictable Ghost in Parliament of Malaysia, Apparently …

Viral Predictable Ghost in Parliament of Malaysia, Apparently ...a long-haired figure inside the Malaysian Parliament building sparked rumors of a ghost. The photos become viral in social media and reap the curiosity of the public.

As reported by Malaysian media, Malay Mail, Wednesday (18/07/2018), a viral photo was taken during the inauguration ceremony of the Malaysian Senators in the Malaysian parliament building or the State Council on Tuesday (17/7) yesterday.

The social media users are busy commenting on a picture of a figure called resembling a ghost. In a viral photo, the figure looks long-haired dreadlocks and bearded.

The figure was seen sitting near one of the ministers present as guests at the inauguration ceremony. The other guests were well dressed in suits and ties. But the clothes worn by the figure look different.

Not a few social media users who believe the figure is a ghost. But the facts say something else.
Reported Malay Mail and Free Malaysia Today, the figure mentioned the ghost is a Hindu scholar and a close friend of the Minister at the Ministry of Prime Minister of Malaysia, P Waythamoorthy.

The man who is dreadlocked and bearded is seen in a number of other photographs, including while in the courtroom of the Malaysian parliament. One photo even shows him standing next to Waythamoorthy, who has just been sworn in as a Malaysian Senator.

In his statement, Waythamoorthy mentions the Hindu scholar Arunachalanandaji who has been living in India. He claimed to invite Arunachalanandaji specifically to witness his inauguration, because he respected him so much.

“He is my brother who dedicates his life to world peace and lives alienated in a mountain in India,” he said.