Viral “Momo Challenge” claimed 12-year-old girl’s life due to suicide

Viral "Momo Challenge" claimed 12-year-old girl's life due to suicideChallenges in social media are increasingly troubling to parents and authorities. The virtual world has just been enlivened with the “Kiki Challenge” which can make the challenger hurt because he doesn’t pay attention to the road.

Now the turn of the “Momo Challenge” circulating has claimed the lives of 12-year-old girls in Argentina who committed suicide.

Viral over the past few weeks, this challenge has sprung up all over the world, especially through WhatsApp.

According to the Daily Mail, users will be challenged to contact “Momo” by sending messages to unknown numbers. Then, they will be hunted with frightening images and messages.

The viral challenge relates to a strange female figure taken from the work of Japanese puppet artist Midori Hayashi.

The doll had a creepy face with bulging eyes and a broad V-shaped smile, long black hair and a mess.

Buenos Aires Times proclaims, Momo is believed to have links to the suicide of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina.

The incident opened a gray sheet about the viral challenge of Blue Whale which caused many people in Russia to commit suicide.

The Argentine Authority is investigating the possibility of a challenge that is also often dubbed Momo. This game plays a role in the death of the girl who lives in Ingeneiero Maschwitz, Buenos Aires.

The girl recorded her activities through her cellphone before committing suicide. Authorities suspect someone has pushed him to take his own life.

The police are looking for the existence of an 18-year-old teenager who is believed to be associated with victims through social media. “The cellphone was hacked to find WhatsApp records and messages, and now people who exchange messages with victims are being searched,” said a statement from the local police.

Momo Game has also raised concerns in other countries, including Mexico, and several countries in Europe. Nobody knows for sure where this challenge came from, and who started it.

According to BBC reports, there are 7 telephone numbers with codes from Japan that are suspected of initiating these dangerous challenges. “It all started in the Facebook group, where participants were challenged to start communicating with unknown numbers,” said a statement from the Tabasco State Computer Crime Investigation Unit, Mexico.

“Some users say, if they send messages to Momo via cellphones, the replies are violent and aggressive, and some have threatening messages,” he added.