Viral Man Cave Dating Russian Beautiful Girl

Viral Man Cave Dating Russian Beautiful GirlA man in Thailand who was nicknamed as a man I became viral on the internet for claiming to date beautiful tourists. As a proof, he often displays his photo with the women on Facebook.

Quoted from Next Shark, the name is Jatuphum Losiri. Not long ago, he displayed a photo with a beautiful tourist on the Cave Man 2018 Facebook account which made him a discussion of netizens.

48-year-old Losiri and indeed living in the modified cave, told me that she met the woman in front of the 7 Eleven shop. He decided to chat with him.

“I told him that he was bothering me. I rode a motorcycle home but because of his beauty, I had to turn to him. I had to talk to him to find out if he was beautiful inside,” Losiri wrote on Facebook.

He tells the woman to laugh at the rag. The tourist turned out to be from Russia and that was his last day in Thailand. Then Losiri invited him to his cave to chat.

Initially the tourist refused because Losiri was a foreign man and looked dangerous. But Losiri assured her that the cave was not in a remote place and she could easily ask for help if something happened. The tourist whose name was not mentioned finally wanted to be invited.

Netizens, especially men, pretty much praise the courage to communicate with foreign women. Although of course not a few also criticized him, for example, suspecting the photo was posted without the woman’s permission. Before the latest photo became viral, he had displayed his photo several times with other female tourists.

This is quite a lot of fans who are curious about his activities as a caveman and become a small internet celebrity. There are around 70 thousand followers on Facebook. He chose a minimalist life in a cave located on the island of Ko Pha Ngan