Viral, Kindergarten Teachers Have the Persecution and Beat Students

Viral, Kindergarten Teachers Have the Persecution and Beat StudentsVideos of kindergarten teachers who persecute and beat their students viral on social media. The incident happened in Malaysia.

In the viral video, two teachers sat on the floor with a number of students. One teacher is rude to male students. Then he raised the female student and placed him above the male student.

Roughly speaking, the teacher also beat his student. There is also a second video showing a teacher slapping his pupil from a chair.

As reported by The Star, Tuesday (08/14/2018), this persecution took place in Melaka, Malaysia. Local police are investigating this case.

Two teachers aged 21 and 40 years were arrested on Saturday (11/8) after this video was viral. This event itself took place on 30 July 2018 ago.

“This incident involved 4 children,” said Central Melaka Deputy Police Chief, Afzanizar Ahmad.

The police said the children in the video were not injured. The local education office then gave counseling to children.