Viral! Female Police Came Steal Chocolate, Her husband at Stores Employee

Viral! Female Police Came Steal Chocolate, Her husband at Stores EmployeeA disgraceful behavior of a policewoman in the city of Chennai, India recorded a CCTV camera a supermarket, on Wednesday (7/25/2018).

The woman police caught on camera was stealing some chocolate wrappers from the Nilgris Supermarket.

A Nilgris staffer knows the policewoman’s behavior and tries to prevent it. However, the policewoman’s husband did not accept and attack the supermarket staff

The incident began when the policewoman who still wore a uniform came to the Nil England supermarket to shop. There he picked up some things, including some chocolates, from the shelf and put them in his pocket.

The police apparently did not realize the action was recorded CCTV camera that made a staff come to him. After being approached and questioned by shop staff, the policewoman then apologized in writing.

In the letter he calls his name Nandhini and works at the Kilpauk women’s police station. After apologizing in writing, the supermarket considers the matter over and the woman police officer is allowed to go home.

However, a few minutes later, Dinesh’s police husband was accompanied by two other people who came to the shop and attacked Pranav, one of the shop staff. The vigilante action was also captured entirely by CCTV cameras.

Beaten by three people, Pranav suffered injuries and was rushed to a hospital. Meanwhile, CCTV footage was uploaded to social media and viral direct. As a result, Chennai police officials ordered an investigation and imposed sanctions on the policewomen.

The police officer named Nandhini was already disabled while awaiting the results of the investigation. While Dinesh, her husband, was detained by Egmore’s police force and was charged with intimidating criminals and injuring someone. Dinesh and his two friends have now been arrested.