Viral Donkey in Zoo Painted Beast to Look Like Zebra

Viral Donkey in Zoo Painted Beast to Look Like ZebraAppearance of donkey at Zoo Cairo, Egypt so the spotlight of the world. The poor donkey looked like it was painted black and white to look like a zebra.

The ass photo was first uploaded by an Egyptian student, Mahmoud A Sarhan in his Facebook account. Once uploaded, the photo is widely shared and becomes viral.

The little donkey’s skin looked as if it had been painted. In addition to the facial section there is also a black stain of the former paint.

Reported by the BBC, Friday (27/07/2018), Sarhan told local media said, in the cage there are two donkeys. Both are painted.

Meanwhile, the director of the zoo, Mohamed Sultan insisted that the animal in the cage was the original zebra.

Such a case is not the first time. In 2009, the zoo in Gaza also painted donkey animals to look like zebras. They also include stuffed animals due to lack of animals.