Viral Adolescent Fishing Dredgers Similar to Humans

Viral Adolescent Fishing Dredgers Similar to HumansA teenager in Oklahoma, United States, catches human-toothed fish and becomes viral. Apparently a similar fish was once captured 2 years ago by a fisherman in Petaluma, California.

Quoted from CBS San Francisco on Thursday (26/07/2018), fisherman named Juan Gallo catch a fish like a human-looking pond in Taman Lucchesi, Petaluma, California. The fish was then handed over to the California Department of Wildlife Conservation.

The fish is known as a pacemaker. The pacemaker is a freshwater fish commonly found in the Amazon River or waterways in South America.

Pacuas are still ‘relatives’ with piranha fish. Maybe this fish is found in some fish stores in the US, but actually the sale is illegal.

Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Department explains, the race is different from piranha. The pacemaker consumes plant material but is still considered omnivorous. The size of the runway can reach 3.5 feet (1 meter) and 88 pounds (39 kg).

Recently an Oklahoma teenager caught a race fish while fishing in Fort Cobb Lake area.

The teenager named Kennedy Smith (11) found the strange fish when fishing last weekend. He fished with his brother as well as his grandparents.

Smith’s experience was uploaded to Facebook Department of Wildlife Conservation of Oklahoma on Tuesday (24/7). The post has been commented on over 1,400 times and is distributed over 5,000 times.