Viral 2 Women Pick Up Visitor’s Cellphone at Cinere Mall Recorded by CCTV

Viral 2 Women Pick Up Visitor's Cellphone at Cinere Mall Recorded by CCTVMobile pickpocketing of a visitor to Cinere Mall, Cepok, was recorded by CCTV. The perpetrators of two women were immediately arrested by the mall security shortly after the incident.

In a CCTV video recording, it appeared a visitor – later known as Rosmalia – was pushing the stroller, walking in the place of selling clothes. Suddenly from behind, a young woman took her cellphone from Rosmalia’s bag.

Rosmalia realized that and the woman immediately handed the cellphone she hid under a pile of clothes. Rosmalia and the perpetrator were seen fighting, but the perpetrator pointed to another woman.

In the next video piece, the woman and a middle-aged woman are taken to a security post. There, the two women were interrogated by victims and security and several other people.

“There is a video,” said a blue veiled woman to the perpetrator.

“Oh the one in the shop, huh?” Asked a man who then agreed with the veiled woman.

I was so upset, this veiled woman immediately slapped the perpetrator. Security immediately broke it.

“Take a look at the picture first, ma’am,” challenged the middle-aged woman who accompanied the perpetrator.

Limo police chief Kompol M Iskandar when confirmed, confirmed the incident. The incident occurred on Friday (08/24/2018) around 3:30 p.m.

“The perpetrator and the victim were taken to the Pospol, then taken to the police station at around 04.00 in the afternoon,” Iskandar said.