Use Heavy Equipment, 1 Ton Shark Stranded in Bantul Buried

Use Heavy Equipment, 1 Ton Shark Stranded in Bantul BuriedA 1 ton shark that was stranded at Parangkusumo Beach, Bantul was finally buried. Sharks are buried with the help of heavy equipment.

“If left unchecked can cause decay, bacteria can appear, can cause disease. The most appropriate is immediately executed buried,” said Kasi Utilization of DIY Marine and Fisheries Agency, Suwarto at Parangkusumo Beach, Monday (08/27/2018).

The Veterinary Medicine Laboratory and the Department of Fisheries UGM have taken samples from the shark.

“If the results are not found later, the possibility of him being stranded because of being separated from the mother and panicking then stranded,” he said.

Previously Bantul SAR Coordinator, Arief explained, the shark was first discovered by local residents. Initially, sharks were found alive, but an hour after they died.

“Initially this morning there were residents fishing at the beach, unexpectedly he found a stranded shark,” Arief said when contacted by reporters.