US woman killed attacked by alligators while taking a dog on a walk

US woman killed attacked by alligators while taking a dog on a walkA woman in South Carolina, United States (US) was killed after being attacked by an alligator. The attack occurred when this woman was carrying her dog walking near a lake near the local beach.

Reported by the Sheriff Beaufort County office as reported by CNN, Tuesday (08/21/2018), this incident occurred on Monday (8/20) morning, around 09:30 local time, at the Wood Duck Road area, which entered the Sea Pines Plantation area.

The woman who was killed was identified as Cassandra Cline (45) who came from Hilton Head Island. Local authorities said Cline was carrying her dog for a walk near a lagoon, or a lake near the beach, when it was suddenly attacked and pulled into the water by an alligator.

“Apparently, the dog is too close to the lagoon and the alligator tries to attack the dog,” said Beaufort County coroner Edward Allen, local media WSAV-TV affiliate CNN.

Allen said that when Cline tried to save his dog, the alligator attacked him. The alligator managed to bite the dog’s rope and dragged Cline 4.2 meters into the lagoon.

The dog survived and did not suffer the slightest injury. But Cline lost her life. Emergency officers found Cline’s body inside the lagoon. An autopsy is still being carried out on his body to determine the cause of his death.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources was deployed to the location to handle the situation. WSAV-TV reported that the alligator had been caught and sedated for further investigation.

“Events are very rare and we hope we will not see anything like this again,” Allen said.

In a separate statement, Sam Chappelear, Assistant Chief of the Department of Natural Resources for Wildlife of South Carolina, said the incident was the second incident of a deadly alligator attack in South Carolina since 2016.

Alligator attacks on humans are relatively rare, but several times occur in the southern US region. In June, a Florida woman carrying her dog on the streets was pulled into the water and killed by an alligator. After killing a human, the alligator is captured and turned off.