Uruguay Leads over Saudi Arabia 1-0 in First Round

Uruguay Leads over Saudi Arabia 1-0 in First RoundRostov – Ended already a first-half match between Uruguay and Saudi Arabia. Uruguay while winning 1-0 thanks to Luis Suarez scored in the 23rd minute.

The game

Uruguay started off aggressively. Not even a three-minute walk, Luis Suarez threatened Saudi Arabia’s goal with a tight kick though it can still be blocked.

Violations Matias Vechino led to a free kick for Saudi Arabia. Mohamed Al-Burayk’s kick failed to break through Uruguay’s living fence so it only created a corner football situation that was easily neutralized.

Uruguay began to show more real threats. In the 13th minute, Martin Caceres cross from the left wing forward Edinson Cavani with a kick that bounced from the middle of the box.

Having been frustrated with the defense of Saudi Arabia is quite tight, Uruguay finally able to break the deadlock in the 23rd minute. From a corner football situation, the ball slid past goalkeeper Mohamed Al-Owais, and fell in the path of Luis Suarez to be thrown into the net. Uruguay lead 1-0.

Two minutes later, Uruguay almost doubled the score. The right-wing ball encounters Cavani, who tries to bypass Osama Hawsawi but can be secured. Saudi Arabia then hit back in the 27th minute through Hatan Bahbir’s shot from inside the box, but the ball still bounced over the crossbar of Fernando Muslera.

Uruguay continues to try to increase its superiority. However, Saudi Arabia is still disciplined in defense so that Uruguay attacks can be countered.

Ahead of the break, the counterattack is quite dangerous from Saudi Arabia. Built from the left wing, the ball was flown forward past the Uruguayan defense. Muslera left the nest to hastily catch the ball.

Composition of Players

URUGUAY: Muslera, Godin, Jose Gimenez, Caceres, Varela, Bentacur, Vecino, Rodriguez, Sanchez, Suarez, Cavani

SAUDI ARABIA: Al-Owais, Al-Bulayhi, Hawsawi, Al-Shahrani, Al-Burayk, Al-Faraj, Al-Jassim (Al-Mogahwi 44 ‘), Al-Muwallad, Bahbir, Al-Dawsari