Unpaid Overtime, Former Private Driver Sues Donald Trump

Unpaid Overtime, Former Private Driver Sues Donald TrumpFormer private driver President of the United States Donald Trump sued the Trump Organization for unpaid overtime overtime pay. The man claims that he has been exploited and earned a small salary increase for more than ten years.

Quoted from AFP and Bloomberg, Tuesday (07/10/2010), this lawsuit adds a number of lawsuits addressed to Trump. The plaintiff named Noel Cintron (59) lives in Queens, New York.

He has served as Trump’s driver, family and business driver for over 25 years. His job was subsequently replaced by Secret Service when Trump won Republican nomination as president in 2016. Cintron then joined the security staff.

The New York Lawsuit or Monday’s New York Lawsuit seeks to recover more than 3,000 hours of overtime, fines, damages and attorneys’ fees for Cintron’s’ losses’ while working for Trump.

“In a truly insensitive view of no guarantee of privilege and rights and without the slightest obligation of Donald Trump, through the defendant’s entity, exploit and refuse to give any significant raise to his private driver who has long served,” said the page to -14 the lawsuit.

While Trump ‘is said to be a billionaire, it does not give his driver a raise for more than 12 years! “The accusation in the lawsuit said.

The Trump Organization, a large company run by Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr and Eric when their father was in the office. The Trump Organization called Cintron paid generously and in accordance with the rule of law. The Trump Organization also called for all the allegations to be proven in court.

“Once the facts come out we fully expect to be proved in court,” said a spokesman for the Trump Organization.
In the lawsuit it is explained that the plaintiff generally works for five days a week, from 7:00 am to the time when he is not needed, or about 50-55 hours per week. But paid with a fixed salary of USD 62,700 in 2003, USD 68 thousand in 2006, and USD 75 thousand in 2010.
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In December 2010 in the lawsuit, Cintron received a salary increase of USD 7 thousand to USD 75 thousand a year, but after he lost his health insurance worth USD 17.8 thousand per year. He never got a raise and Trump failed to give him substitute money for holidays and illness, and work expenses, wrote his complaint.

The former Trump driver called his overtime pay for over 20 years unpaid. While under the law he can only collect unpaid wages for 6 years. Cintron’s attorneys say they charge USD 178,487.10 of unpaid wages and interest, lawyers’ fees, and potential punitive damages.

To note, in addition to this driver’s lawsuit, Trump also must face a lawsuit lawyer for the US state of Maryland who accused him of receiving illegal payments through the Trump International Hotel. In addition there are also cases of porn star Stormy Daniels who claims to have a special relationship with Trump in 2006.