Unknown Nazi Flag Fluttering in Wyoming City Park

Unknown Nazi Flag Fluttering in Wyoming City ParkThe Nazi flag is seen flying in the city park in the town of Laramie, Wyoming, United States. Lieutenant Gwen Smith, Police Department Laramie said the US flag that normally flies in the park lay on the ground when police arrived at the scene on Monday morning (30/7) local time.

Shortly after the police learned of the incident, officers immediately lowered the Nazi swastika flag.

“After taking the flag of the United States, the officers immediately prepared to fly back and one person saluted the flag while the other was flying it,” Smith said.

“It was a terrible and shameful incident against anyone who lowered the American flag in the park and replaced it with a bad symbol from the Nazi regime,” said Jeremy Shaver, Senior Director of the ADL organization.

“We are all responsible for speaking when the hateful incident is in our community,” he added.

Shaver also praised the officers who acted in a polite and professional manner at the scene.

According to Smith, there is currently no evidence of a crime in the action because the American flag was not damaged and not stolen, and there was no damage to the flagpole.

“The police spoke with the person who told the incident, but the person did not know who carried the Nazi flag and did not remember who was suspicious at the place,” Smith said.

“For now the Nazi flag has been handed over as evidence.”

The flag raising in Wyoming is the second Nazi symbol to appear in the United States this week.

Based on reports from KWGN, four days ago Nazi images including swastika were found painted on the structure of the synagogue or worship of Jews in Indiana.

And last February, leaflets containing white supremacy and Neo-Nazi content were found at the University of Wyoming in the City of Laramie.

“Laramie is a city with minimal biased crime rates,” Smith said.
According to him, there are only two crimes by 2017, and no crime at all in the previous six years. The Mayor of Laramie, Andrea Summerville, told CNN he strongly condemns the emergence of the Nazi flag or its symbols in the city.

“The city of Laramie will be very wary of other uses of Nazi symbols or propaganda,” Summerville said.

“Our community has been affected by previous hatred and we will not support it again,” he added.

“We are a strong community when diverse, open and inclusive,” Summerville said. “It’s important that everyone in our community feels safe and accepted.”

Hate crime in the area hit a gay student from the University of Wyoming who was murdered in 1998 outside Laramie. Two perpetrators were convicted of murder.