Turkey Capture Harun Yahya and 234 Followers

Turkey Capture Harun Yahya and 234 FollowersTurkish police arrested the famous Muslim writer Adnan Oktar, also known as Harun Yahya, who often appeared on local television. He was arrested along with his followers for various allegations, including forming a criminal gang as well as committing fraud and sexual abuse.

As reported by Hurriyet Daily News on Wednesday (11/07/2018), the Istanbul police in his statement called Oktar’s arrest was conducted in raids that were held in five provinces. The raid took place on Wednesday (11/7) local time.

One of the raids took place at Oktar’s residence in the Cengelkoy area, the Asian side of Istanbul. Oktar and his bodyguards were arrested at his residence. When the arrest was made, Oktar’s bodyguard had time to fight against the police.

Reported by correspondent Hurriyet, police seized a firearms magazine, body armor, and armored vehicles from Oktar’s house.

Previously, in February, the television program hosted by Oktar was suspended by the Turkish television supervisory authority. The program mixes religious discussions with dance. The television watchdog authorities called the program violate gender equality and women’s rights.

Oktar, commonly referred to as televangelist, has his own television channel called A9.
In his talk show program, Oktar often talks about Islamic values ​​and sometimes dances with young women he calls ‘kittens’ and sings with young men he calls ‘lions’.

In 2006, Oktar wrote a book entitled ‘Atlas of Creation’ under the pseudonym of Harun Yahya. The contents of the book argue the theory of Darwinian evolution as the root of global terrorism. So far Oktar has written over 300 books, translated into 37 languages.