Treasure Ship Worth More than 12.6 billion pounds

Treasure Ship Worth More than 12.6 billion poundsA group of US scientists discovered a Spanish sailing ship that sank more than 300 years ago in the Caribbean Sea. Incredibly, this San Jose ship carries a property worth more than 12.6 billion pounds .

This ship was actually found three years ago, but at that time not much information given to the public.

The three-pole sailing ship armed with 62 cannons drowned in June 1708, in combat with British ships. When drowning 600 people crew died.

The cargo of this ship is gold, silver, and gems that are considered very valuable. Unfortunately until three years ago the location of the sinking of San Jose remains a mystery. The ship was discovered using an underwater vehicle operated by the Oceans Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).

In 2015, the Colombian government announces the discovery of San Jose but details of the issue have just been released this week with the permission of the agencies involved in the discovery.

“We retain this information in honor of the Colombian government,” said Rob Munier, vice president of WHOI marine and operations facilities. The US-based agency was involved in the San Jose quest for its experience in underwater exploration.

In 2011, WHOI underwater rides, Remus 6000, helped search the ruins of Air France 447, which fell in 2009 several hundred kilometers off the coast of Brazil. San Jose is found at a depth of 600 meters by using the image of sonar taken Remus 6000 in November 2015.

Remus 6000 dive to a position just nine meters above the wreckage of the ship so managed to take some photos.

Some of the photos obtained include dolphin picture engraving in ship guns, which is the strongest visual evidence of the discovery of San Jose. “Some of the ship’s wreckage has been covered in marine sediments, but with photos of the diving mission, we can clearly see the details in the debris,” said technician and WHOI expedition leader Mike Purcell.

“The resulting photo resolution is good enough to ensure the engraving of the ship’s cannon,” Purcell added. The treasure found to be a legal battle between several countries and a number of private companies.

In 2015, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos described the find as the most valuable treasure in human history. See also: 13-year-old archaeologists Discover Treasures from the Viking Age Last month UNESCO urged governments of several countries not to engage in commercial exploitation of ship wreckage where the discovery site remains anonymous.

The ship sank in the vast Colombian Peninsula, south of Cartagena. The ship is believed to carry 11 million gold and silver coins, gems and other valuables from Spanish colonies in South America.