Train Accident in Turkey, 10 Passengers Killed

Turkish Turtles, 10 Dead PassengersAt least 10 passengers were killed and 73 wounded when a train loaded with weekend passengers slipped in Turkey on Sunday (8/7) local time.

The train with more than 360 passengers was traveling from the Edirne region on the border of Greece and Bulgaria, to Halkali Station in Istanbul, when six carriages slipped in Tekirdag region.

Quoted by AFP, Vice Minister of Health Eyup Gumus told TRT Haber Television Station that about 100 ambulances were deployed to the site to help passengers.

Television pictures showed a number of train cars coming out of their tracks and wounded passengers being rescued by relief teams.

“There were many injuries and there were dead passengers,” said Tekirdag Governor Mehmet Ceylan to the NTV channel. “Accidents happen because of bad weather conditions,” he continued.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been notified of the accident. He has expressed his condolences for the loss of life, Anadolu Turkish News Agency reported.

The Turkish railway network has suffered several fatal accidents in recent years. In January 2008, nine people were killed as trains slipped in the Kutahya region of southern Turkey due to a damaged rail.

In recent years, the Turkish government under Erdogan has sought to modernize the railway network and build a number of high-speed inter-city routes.

Modernization efforts that managed to change the habits of Turkish citizens who previously preferred to use buses or airplanes for inter-city travel