Throw Friends to Killed, A Suicide Student

Throw Friends to Killed, A Suicide StudentA student in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu allegedly committed suicide after slamming his friend to death.

Proclaimed Daily Mirror Monday (7/23/2018), surveillance cameras record the incident that is expected to occur on July 16th.

From the camera recording, there were originally two students of a school in Kayatharu who wore black orange clothes meant to borrow a comb to his friend

However, the hairbrush was suddenly seized by other students who wore a beige shirt that sparked a fight.

The bigger cream-shaped student then lifted the student’s body in an orange suit, and slammed it down.

His surprised friends then surrounded the orange-clad students, then lifted him out of the classroom. The student was then rushed to the hospital. However, the doctor later said his life was not helped.

The Hindu reported, after the class incident, students wearing the cream shirt reportedly disappeared because they did not return home.

Hours later, the police who got the report found the student in the cream shirt was killed in the well.

Police said they suspect the students committed suicide because they did not expect to have slammed his friend to death.

However, the student’s relatives said he was killed before his body was dumped in the well. “We are still awaiting a post-mortem examination to ascertain the exact cause of the student’s death,” police sources said.