Throw 2 Drunk Customers, Australian Restaurants Fined 2,200 Australian Dollars

Throw 2 Drunk Customers, Australian Restaurants Fined 2,200 Australian DollarsA Korean barbecue restaurant in Sydney, fined up to 2,200 Australian dollars. The reason, the restaurant is located in the area Sussex Street is dumped two female customers who were drunk on the streets.

BBC reported Monday (9/7/2018), the incident took place on November 9, 2017. At that time, three women entered into Gangnam Station. Also read: Head of the Hangover Station, Train Travel in India Disturbed From the information of the Gambling and Drinking Agency of Sydney (ILGA), the three women ordered soju, and each drank eight glasses in just 35 minutes.

Sydney Morning Herald launch, although there are signs that the three customers were drunk, restaurant staff still serve soju. At 2035 local time, two of the three women began to collapse to the floor, and were unaware of being too drunk. The restaurant clerk then took one of the women, and threw them in the street. While the second woman vomited when about to be taken out.

An ambulance was called after police on patrol found them thanks to a crowd of pedestrians on the sidewalk where the two women were thrown away. ILGA’s Compliance Director, Sean Goodchild and the New South Wales Police Department (NSW) investigated the incident, and imposed fines. In addition to the fine, the closing hours of the proposed restaurant were reduced from the previous at 02.00 in the morning to midnight 00.00.

Then the NSW Police also submitted a proposal for the restaurant to hire a trained security officer responsible if there were drunk customers. Goodchild said Gangnam Station had committed serious alcohol offenses, and paid no attention to the health and safety of its customers. “Very much imagine there are restaurants that fail to meet their obligations to prevent alcohol abuse,” said Goodchild.