Three Things It Could Be Reason Kim Jong-Un Killing his stepbrother

Three Things It Could Be Reason Kim Jong-Un Killing his stepbrotherPyongyang – The leader of North Korea (Korea) Kim Jong-Un is judged to have sufficient reason to kill his half-brother, Kim Jong-Nam. For one thing, the figure Jong-Nam is the eldest son of the late Kim Jong-Il, seen by China over North Korea deserved lead.

As reported by AFP on Friday (02/17/2017), there are at least three reasons that could be Kim Jong-Un motive to kill his stepbrother. The first reason, Jong-Nam who lives in exile outside the North known to catapult often criticized for the communist regime.

In her biography entitled ‘My Father, Kim Jong-Il and Me’, published in 2012, Jong-Nam called the North’s communist regime will ‘collapse’ without reforms. The book was written by a Japanese journalist, Yoji Gomi, who interviewed directly Jong-Nam in several occasions.

Gomi is written in the book, Jong-Nam refer to acquire his hereditary North Korea as a ‘laughing stock’. Not only that, Jong-Nam also mentions his half sister, Kim Jong-Un, who led North Korea since December 2011, will not long survive as a leader.

In the book, Jong-Nam even called Kim Jong-Un lacking leadership qualities and his half sister estimate it will fail, because the inexperienced and too young. Jong-Nam itself was seen as his father’s successor to lead the North, until an incident occurred in 2001. At that time, he was arrested in Tokyo, Japan for using a fake passport – to visit Disneyland.

The incident embarrassed the father, Kim Jong-Il, who later distanced himself from Jong-Nam. Jong-Nam finally retreated out the North.

The second reason, in the North patriarchal system, the eldest male heir was seen as official within a family. North Korea’s founding father, Kim Il-Sung bequeath power to his eldest son, Kim Jong-Il, in 1994 when he died. Observers call, the status of Kim Jong-Un is only the second son of the third wife of Kim Jong-Il, is seen as ‘a stain’ in credibility as the leader of North Korea.

“Murder (Jong-Nam), if confirmed do North Korea, a sign of personality of Kim Jong-Un is paranoid,” said lawmaker South Korea (ROK) Kim Byung-Kee quoting the explanation covered the director of South Korean intelligence to parliament on Wednesday (15 / 2).

The third reason which could lead to Kim Jong-Un to kill his stepbrother, according to observers of the Korea Institute for National Unification, June Byung-Kon, is China. This country is the only diplomatic ally and economic backer lifeline for isolated North Korea.

“Even after Kim Jong-Un took office, there was a kind of atmosphere in China that Kim Jong-Nam open-minded, much more deserves to be the leader of (North Korea),” he said.