This Girl Celebrates Graduation with a Photo with Alligators

This Girl Celebrates Graduation with a Photo with AlligatorsCelebrating graduation from college is usually celebrated with photos with classmates.

However, a girl in Texas, United States (US) chose a unique method by taking a graduation photo with a 4.2 meter alligator.

Reported by the BBC Tuesday (07/08/2018), Makenzie Noland is a student at the University of Texas A & M majoring in Fisheries and Wild Sciences.

The Truth Before his graduation on Friday (08/10/2018), he carried out a graduation photo with an alligator named Big Tex.

The animal lives the Beaumont Rescue Center, which is a breeding ground for around 450 alligators, crocodiles, and other reptile species.

Makenzie explained, she felt she had a special relationship with Tex since she joined the captivity as an apprentice last May. “Tex is the one who let me enter the pool.

I am grateful he liked me, and let me play with him, “said Makenzie. The animal that was adopted in 2016 responded when called, and when the 21-year-old student entered the pool.

“I always play with the animal every day. So, he is like my best friend,” Makenzie said. So, for several months after that, Makenzie decided to practice with Tex accompanied by an alligator expert.

He then uploaded the photo wearing a stole and graduation hat on Facebook, and admitted to being surprised when it became viral, and was distributed more than 5,000 times. Some netizens criticize their actions by saying they are very dangerous, even asking why they want to do photos like that.

Makenzie explained that she deliberately uploaded the photo as a result of her hard work with Tex all summer. “He is an amazing representation of how to train animals that are considered disturbing and consuming humans. They are amazing animals,” said Makenzie.

He also continued since childhood, he was used to holding animals that were considered creepy like snakes. Further reported by Fox News, Makenzie hoped that after he graduated, he would still work in the wild sector. “I just want to study animals more deeply, as well as educate the public,” he concluded.