This crazy Turkish man times his daughter’s tie behind the car,

This crazy Turkish man times his daughter's tie behind the car,A father in Turkey was arrested by police for tying his daughter behind a car. The young woman was left tied to the outside of the car along the way.

As reported by local Turkish media, Hurriyet Daily News, Wednesday (08/29/2018), this incident was recorded by another road user in the Cayiri Yaylakent district. It is not known exactly when the incident occurred, only to be recorded for the last time.

The recording of the incident shows a young woman wearing a hijab tied to the back of a minibus. The recording has become one of the most watched videos of Turkish social media users this week.
Following up on the video, social media users called on Turkish authorities to take decisive action against the driver of the car.

It is known that the minibus has a police number registered in the Istanbul area. The driver was identified as Idris K.

Reported by a number of local Turkish media, the minibus driver was detained by police on Tuesday (8/28) local time. To the police, the minibus driver casually called his daughter happy to ‘travel’ like that.

“My daughter is 13 years old. She likes to travel like that,” said the driver to the Turkish police, as quoted by local Turkish media.

It was said that the driver claimed to go as far as 700 meters at a speed of 15-20 kilometers per hour, while carrying his daughter behind the car.