This Belgian Model of Nude Photo on the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem, Criticized

This Belgian Model of Nude Photo on the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem, Criticized

Belgian model, Marisa Papen back to make people angry, for posting nude photos alias naked in front of Jerusalem Wailing Wall.

The wall is a sacred place for Jews, Muslims and Christians.

“This is an embarrassing and sad incident, which insults the sacred place and the feelings of the people who come to that place,” said Reverend Shmuel Rabinovich.

Ulah at Wailing Wall, Jerusalem is not the first time. Marisa often poses naked. On one of his social media accounts he declared himself “free-spirited, free expressionist”.

He was once jailed in 2017 for posing naked in one of the temples in Egypt.

Quoted from The Sun, Marisa Papen took pictures without a thread covered her body on the roof of a building close to the Wailing Wall.

“It is clear to me that if we can take photos in front of or near the Wailing Wall, this journey will be a success,” Marisa said.

“We talked to someone who was very friendly, who later became Muslim, invited us to his place where we had coffee and mint tea,” Marisa explained.
When he and his photographer, Mathias Lambrecht ask permission to take pictures on the roof of his house, the man happily obeyed.

“I still have to explain that I want to take off all my clothes for the picture, but he’s even colder than we think,” he said.
Marisa admits she is often praised for her nude photographs and has a fan in Israel, which often invites her again to visit.

“People do not have to be afraid to show their true self, wherever they can be themselves, where we can be authentic, pure and uncontaminated by society,” Marisa said.

Even so, not everyone was impressed.

“It’s over the limit.You think who you can pose this place? I hope God will judge you,” said one person who was upset about the photo through his online account.
Marisa also defended nude photos. “Religion is increasingly making humans into a bunch of animals.We no longer listen to our hearts and our instincts.We’ve been brainwashed from birth,” he said.

“How can a naked body make people angry?” Marisa said as quoted by news. com. au.

“I think religion plays a big role in this, so by expressing my art this location, and also in Egypt, I hope to break this stigma.”

The Wailing Wall or the Western Wall is an ancient limestone wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, where Jews often pray. Earlier, Marisa was also arrested for posing naked at the Karnak Temple Complex, near Luxor City, Egypt.