There is just Prove Hygiene Level, Company Employee It Eat in Toilet

there is just Prove Hygiene Level, Company Employee It Eat in ToiletA video showing people gathering and eating from a toilet urinal into a viral on social media.

Launching from SCMP, the video was made by a tea producer company located in southeast China.

In the video shows a number of employees of the company is invited to take food from the urinal or a toilet in the toilet then eat it.

About 25 employees of Zhangzhou-based Tenfu Group, Fujian Province, participated in the so-called routine activities each year.

“Our company has a tradition called ‘toilet training’ since 25 years ago,” said a senior manager in the video. The event aims to prove how the company is very concerned about cleanliness, even in the toilet.

One by one the employees in the video picked up the rice balls that were previously placed in the urinal, then immediately put it in the mouth.

Although initially seemed a hesitancy on their faces, but after one of them began to eat, the other employees followed.

Through the video, the company intends to prove if the company is very concerned about cleanliness in every work.

“I always work wholeheartedly in doing my job so there will be no foul smell in the toilet, can even eat here,” said the janitor.

The company’s event in the video was held on July 4th. Video uploaded to Weibo social media two weeks ago and immediately became viral.

Although the company broadcasts the video widely on social media, they deny doing so for the sake of publicity.