There are just do 200 times plastic surgery, this woman is now worried about her explosives

There are just do 200 times plastic surgery, this woman is now worried about her explosives Star Delguidice, a woman from Birmingham, England has performed 200 plastic surgeries since the age of 17 years. The last plastic surgery is buttock enlargement. During the hundreds of plastic surgeries he did, this is the first time he has experienced ‘horror’ things until now he is worried that his butt will explode.

The 28-year-old woman flew to Turkey to get a new volume that was more volume. Star admitted that the doctor at the beauty clinic had failed in the plastic surgery process.

A good beauty clinic does not guarantee the success of plastic surgery. Star admitted that the cost of enlarging her buttocks was not cheap, around 15 thousand pounds or Rp. 290 million.

One by one horrible stories revealed by him. Starting from his obvious scar until he felt almost dead.

The procedure for enlarging the buttocks by taking fat taken from several parts of his body such as the arms and abdomen is then transferred to his buttocks. And it turns out that this is risky, but Star feels fooled by doctors for not being told that it can cause death.

“When I was in the hospital, I experienced muscle spasms, where the implants became stiff and high,” Star said.

“Physically I feel dead when I wake up. It’s the most fearful feeling I’ve ever felt. I feel so cold that my teeth are cracking,” he added.

After that, Star claimed that his incision had been infected until he could not sit for days. Worse, he suffered a variety of nerve damage.

“I can’t move his hands. The head of my back is numb. I feel so dizzy that I almost faint. It lasted for four weeks after that,” said the mother of three children.

Now Star claims to experience anxiety problems. He often feels the fear of his implant going to explode. This is because the implant moves when he walks.