There are Dead Mice in Soup, Slumping Chinese Restaurant Value up to US $ 190 million

There are Dead Mice in Soup, Slumping Chinese Restaurant Value up to US $ 190 millionThe market value of a Chinese restaurant network has fallen to US $ 190 million after a pregnant woman found dead mice in her soup.

This incident began when the woman was enjoying dinner with her family at the Xiabu Xiabu soup restaurant on September 6.

Unexpectedly, he found dead mice in his bowl after several mouthfuls.
Photos of boiled dead mice spread rapidly on Chinese social media, Weibo. Citizens immediately commented with anger and disgust.

“I feel like throwing up. I will not eat hotpot outside again,” said a citizen.

“Xiabu Xiabu has always been one of my favorite restaurants. I think they are clean enough. I don’t believe this,” said another.

Xiabu Xiabu restaurant originally offered compensation for the pregnant woman at 5,000 yuan

However, to the Kankan News website, the woman’s husband claimed to refuse a compensation offer and preferred his wife to undergo a thorough medical examination before determining the amount of compensation.

He accused one of the restaurant staff of suggesting that his wife undergo an abortion if she was worried about the health of her baby and offered 20,000 yuan to join the abortion process.

“If something happens to the baby how do they compensate? Is life worth 20,000 yuan?” said a citizen.

Serving hot soup in the Haidilao restaurant, one of Xiabu Xiabu’s rival restaurants. (Getty Images)

At present, restaurants in Shandong Province are temporarily closed.

On September 11, restaurant chain shares slumped to their lowest point since October 2017. In fact, the market value is expected to swoop

The restaurant had released a statement that “crossed out” the possibility of a lack of hygiene standards so that a mouse could enter the soup. Later the statement was deleted.

Authorities in Weifang City, the scene of the incident, said they would investigate Xiabu Xiabu’s restaurant.