Theo, The Cat Life of the Cat Life of the Year

Theo, The Cat Life of the Cat Life of the Yearhe moggy cat named Theo has just been named the British Cat of the Year 2018 for helping his employer who is falling ill. Theo received the title from the National Cat Awards, England.

The white-haired Theo guarded his employer, Charlotte Dixon, while having blood clots. Theo sat on Dixon while clawing around him so the owner would stay awake. If you fall asleep, Dixon’s condition will be dangerous.

“Paramedics thought I had blood clots and was a good thing because I wasn’t asleep. If not, I might not wake up again,” Dixon said.

Theo credited with saving his owner from death. That also made the cat awarded the British Cat of the Year title last weekend. Theo managed to defeat hundreds of other cats who took part in the event.

Unfortunately, Theo could not accept the crown of victory. The reason is, he just passed away a while ago. The award for Theo was received by Dixon on the stage of the Savoy Hotel, London.

“I was very sad because of his departure, but I’m glad he won. This shows that it’s not just me who thinks he’s special,” Dixon was quoted by the Miami Herald as saying.

Theo has been a pet for Dixon since he was a kitten and has a serious illness. Dixon took care of Theo until his condition recovered. Theo is not much different from most cats. Stature is like a village cat in general, because the moggy race is a short-haired cat that is not known to be of the origin.

Besides Theo, several other cats also received similar awards. Like the black and white Arthur cat who helped his owner overcome mental health and Tobi, a two-year-old cat who often reminded his employer of an debilitating disease.

National Cat Awards is an award for talented cats in the UK. This event also commemorates International Cat Day or International World Day on August 8 each year