The Viral Kid Kissing Mother on This Cart Makes it Smother

The Viral Kid Kissing Mother on This Cart Makes it SmotherEvery child certainly has its own way to show his affection for parents. One of them is by giving kisses to parents. Like what this boy did. It became viral after the photos were spread on social media.

Recently a Twitter account user with the name @motikatrok stole attention after he uploaded a photo of a heart-warming moment. The post showed a boy kissing his mother on a cart that was being pulled by a man and possibly his father on a street.

Touching portraits that show a child’s affection for his mother stole netizen attention. Not a few of them feel sorry and cry.
Many netizens commented in awe and praised the boy’s actions. They also hope and pray that God always gives sustenance to the family.
“I was touched. May Allah bless the fortune for this family. Aamiin,” netizen commented, Yudha Bestari.

“2 photos that can make us meaningful and great slap, for us to love the people around us, especially mom. Lov mom ❤️,” Bahyhs wrote, another netizen.