The US Father Is A Record of His Action Combine Laxatives to Ice Cream His Children

The US Father Is A Record of His Action Combine Laxatives to Ice Cream His ChildrenA father records when he mixes the laxative into the ice cream he then gives to his children.

He also recorded a reaction when his children began complaining of abdominal pain about 90 minutes later, until when they defecated in the toilet while continuing to endure the pain.

The father, Cordero James Brady (29) did this as part of the prank he recorded for later uploading to his YouTube channel, CJ So Cool.

In the video he uploaded, Cordero laughed as his son complained of a stomachache.

“Gosh, this kid’s stomach seems to be broken,” Cordero said in response as his son complained of a stomachache. In the video also seen his children to cry crying and Cordero painlessly record every reaction of his children.

Cordero, who has 5.6 million followers on YouTube, recorded the video at his residence in Nevada. As a result of the uploaded video, Cordero’s canal was suspended by YouTube because it was deemed to show torture of minors and the video was deleted. ”

We cannot accept content that is harmful to minors and we have a strict policy that prohibits harmful content for children. ”

“We will immediately delete content that violates our policies immediately when we find it,” YouTube said in its policy rules, as reported by

Dr Kortney Peagram, of the anti-violent child, Bulldog Solution, said what Cordero did to his children could be called child abuse and that was dangerous. “He teaches inappropriate behavior and encourages it as a joke. He teaches his children that it’s okay to harm other people as long as it is to provoke laughter,” Peagram said.

A police spokesman said that there had previously been cases investigated in 2016 concerning the same laxatives and men. The case is being investigated in conjunction with the Clark County Child Protection Service and has been submitted to the county prosecutor’s office.

“The case is being considered a crime,” said a police spokesman.

Previously, Cordero’s account had also been suspended before, but was returned after a video that was deemed to violate the policy was removed by YouTube.