The Top Five Not Winning Teams in the Preliminary Game, Belgium How?

The Top Five Not Winning Teams in the Preliminary Game, Belgium How?Top five top ranked FIFA teams, including Germany, Brazil and Argentina, failed to win in the first match of the 2018 World Cup. What is the fate of Belgium?

Belgium, ranked third in FIFA’s world rankings, will face Panama in Group G 2018 World Cup matches. Both will compete at Fisht Stadium on Monday (18/06/2018).

Although Belgium is in a superior position, they still should not be careless. So far five teams in the top six positions of FIFA rankings have yet to win.
Belgium as the seed in the group would be championed win against Panama as a new kid in this tournament. But, the team made by Roberto Martinez should not be complacent with superior status.
The Red Devils have to look at the results obtained by Germany, Brazil, Portugal and Argentina in each of their first matches. Germany, FIFA’s first rank team and defending champions, became the team with the worst result after losing 1-0 to Mexico.

Brazil (second-ranked FIFA) also did not win after a 1-1 draw with Switzerland (ranked sixth FIFA). That is, Brazil has three times in a row does not win in the World Cup, but they are one of the champions championed team.

Then there is Portugal (fourth place FIFA) who did not win after a 3-3 tie with Spain. Had a superior first, Cristiano Ronaldo et al. can only force a draw in the 88th minute.
Another surprise came in the Argentina match (fifth). Albiceleste balanced 1-1 with Iceland, which is a team debutant in the World Cup. The team made by Heimir Hallgrimsson managed to stem the onslaught of Argentina and the goalkeeper to hold penalty kick Lionel Messi in the second round.

Belgium should be more vigilant because if it refers to the final three matches of Panama ahead of the World Cup, they also did not achieve very bad results. The team made by Hernan Dario Gomez each got a win, a draw, and a defeat.

The number of conceded Panama in the final three games is also not bad. After crushing Switzerland 0-6, they just conceded one time. It suffered in the 0-1 defeat of Norway. That is, the Panamanian defense has potentially troublesome for Eden Hazard, Kevin de Bruyne, and Romelu Lukaku.

So, how about Belgium gait?