The story of the Heroic Diving Swap a Life with 13 Victims in the Cave of Thailand

The story of the Heroic Diving Swap a Life with 13 Victims in the Cave of ThailandThe heroic tale is tucked away in the rescue of 12 teenagers and 1 football coach who is trapped in a cave in Thailand. A diver dies to make sure they are safe.

The diver was named Saman Gunan (38). He is a former Thai Navy diver who last served as a sergeant major. Despite resigning from the navy, Saman voluntarily rejoined his colleagues in the SAR operation in the cave.

Saman lost consciousness and then drowned out of the Tham Luang Cave after sending supplies of supplies to the youth group.

“His job is to send oxygen, but unfortunately he did not bring enough oxygen to himself while out of the cave,” the rescue authority’s authority told the BBC.
Saman’s death proves how dangerous the cave is where the 13 people are trapped. Tham Luang cave complex is like a labyrinth system with a gap of various sizes. The height of some gaps exceeds 10 meters, while the other gaps are so narrow and soaked in water.

Salman’s body was buried in a temple in Rot Et province. The Thai flag is placed on its coffin.

The Saman family then talked about the figure of the man. The wife tells how Saman always expresses her love.

“Saman once said we will never know when we die, we can not control it, so we have to enjoy every day,” Salman’s wife, Waleeporn Gunan, told the BBC.

Grief can not be hidden Waleeporn. The memories of Salman’s light-handed figure helped him dampen the sadness.

“He is praised as a hero for what he has done, he likes to help others and do charity work, I use that pride to overcome my sadness,” he said.

“You are a hero in my heart, now and forever,” Waleeporn continued.

Deep grief was also felt by Salman’s father, Wichai Gunan. He admitted sad but still proud of the sacrifice of his son.

“I am very proud, but also very sad about losing my dear son,” said Wichai.

“May you be calm, Daddy loves you,” he said.

Now, the 12 teenagers and 1 coach of the trapped football team have been rescued. From the success story of the rescue mission, there is the heroic story of the diver who ‘swaps lives