The Story of Falling in Love 12 Years Girl, This Man Wait 6 Years to Get Married

The Story of Falling in Love 12 Years Girl, This Man Wait 6 Years to Get MarriedLove does not really look at the age difference. But, falling in love with someone who is not old enough to get married requires sacrifice. That’s what makes a Chinese pop star willing to wait his lover to adulthood and old enough to marry to build a household relationship.

In 2012, Chinese pop star Zhang Muyi made international headlines after announcing his love for Canadian-born model, Miki Akama. At that time, Zhang Muyi was 24 years old, while Miki Akama was 12 years old.

The two met when Zhang Muyi was hired as Miki’s music coach when he was only eight years old. When Miki was 12 years old, Zhang revealed his love for Miki. However, Miki who has had 500,000 fans in Weibo asked Zhang to wait for her to be old enough and married.
“Wait until I’m old enough to marry you, and then I’ll say yes willing to marry you,” Miki said as quoted by Whats on Weibo.

Six years later, 30-year-old Zhang and 17-year-old Miki have announced their marriage through social media. Zhang then uploaded a photo of Mickey and praised her lover for looking so beautiful wearing a wedding dress on Weibo.

“We are preparing for our marriage in every way.On September 11, 2018, Miki will be 18 years old, and it will be ten years since we first met,” she wrote.

Zhang and Miki’s marriage also triggered a variety of netizen comments. The couple became one of the most searched topics in Chinese social media with the hastag “Zhang Muyi and Miki Akama Getting Married”.

Although there are many netizens who want a 12-year-old different age couple to live happily, there is also a criticism and consider the base of their relationship is not healthy. Zhang is considered a pedophile because he likes Miki who was still a child.

“Although it is now disguised as romantic love, it is basically a relationship between dewada and an eight-year-old girl,” criticized netizens.

“Most of the world is difficult to accept the relationship between a teacher and his students, especially if one of these two men is underage.This further intensifies the unequal relationship in terms of knowledge and experience.Let us not focus whether this is pedophilia or not , “another comment.
In a statement, Miki expressed surprise at the negative things surrounding her marriage. Miki reveals that people change their story into something they want and harm themselves and their loved ones.
“When I was 8 years old, I met Zhang Muyi and he was my music teacher, taught me how to sing and teach me confidence.When I was 12 years old, my parents had let me read many books and watch many movies, and I got good education at school.Many of my friends who were my age began to reach puberty and I also started thinking about who I liked.I could talk to Zhang Muyi about everything.He said that when I reached the age of dating he would help I watched him, “Miki said

“At that moment I did not understand what that meant, and he said he would not let me date a bad guy, because it was so easy for people to get hurt.Chang Muyi was also young at the time, so I told him that if he did not want me injured in the future, he should marry me, and at that moment we were just joking.With that uncomplicated promise I grew up with him by my side Of course, we’ll stay like this until we get married. “