The second fastest Red Card in the World Cup in Colombia vs Japan

The second fastest Red Card in the World Cup in Colombia vs JapanSaransk – Colombia vs Japan match in Group H 2018 World Cup also colored red card. The card became the second fastest created in World Cup history.

Colombia faces Japan at Mordovis Stadium, Saransk, on Tuesday (06/19/2010). The game was won by Japan 2-1.
Japan led 1-0 through penalty, after Carlos Sanchez hand ball in the forbidden box. He drove the ball kick Shinji Kagawa with a hand to secure the empty net.
In addition to being penalized, Colombia also lost Sanchez who was red-carded for his action. The card made him the second fastest player to be displaced in a World Cup match.
Opta noted, Sanchez red carded when the game has been running 2 minutes 56 seconds. He also just lost to Uruguayan player Jose Albero Batista who expelled when the game has been running 54 seconds in the 1986 World Cup.
Sanchez’s red card also became the first in the 2018 World Cup. Previously only a yellow card issued by many referees in Russia so far.

Colombia was supposed to equalize despite playing with 10 men through goals Juan Quintero. However, Japan secured a 2-1 lead through Yuya Osako’s header in the 73rd minute.

Subsequently Colombia will face Poland in Kazan Arena, while Japan face Senegal at Central Stadium on Sunday (24/06/2018).