The Right Foot That Makes Messi Sleep Well

The Right Foot That Makes Messi Sleep WellMessi hater must be uneasy with the results of Argentina’s match counter Nigeria last night. Because the megastar finally proves who he is.

The proof is a goal he made to help win the Argentina national team in a dead live match in the group stages, and at the same time pass the Tango squad to the round of 16 of the 2018 World Cup. Plus goals from Marcos Rojo in the last minute second half, troops won 2 Albiceleste -1.

And Messi created that goal not with his strongest legs but with his right foot. Prior to the match, throughout the 2017/2018 season, out of a total of 52 goals for Barcelona and the national team, only four times Messi produced a goal through the final touch of the right foot.
Of course, these goals revive the public expectations of Argentina and worshipers Messi. Understandably, after being detained Iceland and digebuk Croatia, attention (mass media) on Messi so swift as the river flow in the rainy season.

At least now Messi has parsed two big loads. First, he was able to bang on the opponent’s goal, and both Argentina stepped into the second round.

The goal would have made Messi sleep soundly in the rest of the night – and may dream of doing the same to France on Saturday (30/6) future.