The Rescue Story Teenball Club from the Cave in Thailand the Global

The Rescue Story Teenball Club from the Cave in Thailand the GlobalIMAGINE the state of being in total darkness and surrounded by water, has only a narrow footing that is wet, the rest of the wall. Then, imagine also, the food is only a limited number of snacks, so does the drinking water.

Twelve teenagers and an assistant coach of village football clubs in Thailand are in that position. Not a simulation, but stuck in reality. And, not just one day.

They were there together for ten days, until the first rescue team found them on Monday (2/7/2018).

From the hoards of the village, the country, to the spotlight of the world, this event also brings the blue-blue since the search process until the evacuation process. The death toll also falls, not from those trapped inside the cave but the diver trying to find and save him.

Then, the assistant coach who was initially blasphemed for being careless for carrying a group of adolescent teenagers into the cave in the wrong season, later turned to be considered the “god” behind the ability of the village football club to survive in extreme conditions trapped inside the cave .

No less than the tech world celebrant, Elon Musk, came to Thailand to step in and monitor the evacuation process. He was there, Monday (9/6/2018), at least from cuitannya on Twitter. Together, they were brought along with a prototype “submarine” the size of a fit boy, to facilitate evacuation.
It’s both dramatic and epic of the Thai-Myanmar border. The flow of prayers from around the world flows for rescue efforts and of course the safety of those trapped in caves and rescue teams.

From it, lessons for fans of adventure activities can learn, ranging from security (safety) to face the conditions that for ordinary people easily presents a panic, which-usually-will be followed by carelessness and vulnerable end up losing.

Chronology, Location,
and the Challenge

ALL started on Saturday (6/23/2018). The usual morning in the village. Schedule of football routine for the children of the village away from the hubbub of the city, Mu Pa (Wild Boar).

Their main coach was unable to train that morning, so Ekapol Chanthawong who is the assistant coach of the club who was there with dozens of teenagers.

Long story short, the training schedule on that day ended with no return home all the club members and assistant coach. No news. There’s no sign.

A day, two days, a week, days passed without a single bit of news. Until, a bicycle and a pair of boa boots at the mouth of the Thum Luang cave in Nam Nam Non Khun Nam forest area, Mae District, Chiang Rai, became the first markers of their existence.

It’s been more than a week since the training schedule on Saturday.
However, the cave in the karst mountain region was inundated with muddy water. The path was winding. How to find, ensure conditions, and bring out the club club of the ball was a challenge.
Already so, the contour of the foothold in the cave also up and down, with a number of segments only a narrow gap that even a tube of immersion must be removed from the back of divers to be crossed.
The following Reuters graphic shows the route the rescue team must pass, even though the cave-drying effort has also been done. Described a number of locations still inundated, including in the narrow gap.

Previously, this search effort had already taken its toll. The professional diver with a series of diving achievements, Saman Gunan, died in an attempt to walk the cave that was inundated in the moonsoon season.
The new search came to fruition after two professional divers from England stepped in on Monday (2/7/2018), 10 days old children and 25-year-old assistant coach were trapped inside the cave.

The good news of good hope, especially for the family came in the form of photos showing 12 teenagers and the club’s assistant coach alive.