The Massacre of 292 Crocodiles in Sorong – Indonesia Became the Spotlight of the World

The Massacre of 292 Crocodiles in Sorong - Indonesia Became the Spotlight of the WorldThe massacre of 292 crocodiles in Sorong is in the spotlight. The mass media from several countries also reported the massacre triggered by the death of a citizen eaten by crocodiles.

The TIME magazine wrote the title ‘Hundreds of Crocodiles Slaughtered in Retaliation for Attack on a Villager in Indonesia’ in his article on this incident. Footage in the news that police and local officials can not stop the crocodile massacre.

In addition to TIME, the British media, The Guardian, also took part in the massacre. A number of residents by using knives to hammer to kill crocodiles.

“An employee heard someone shout for help, he quickly went and saw the crocodile attacked, the person was killed and the villagers came to captivity and killed all the crocodiles,” writes the Head of the Conservation and Natural Resources (BKSDA) in West Papua, Basar Manullang , as written The Guardian, Monday (16/07/2018).

While Al-Jazeera also displays photos of crocodile massacre released from Antara. News entitled ‘Indonesia mob kills nearly 300 crocodiles in revenge attack’ writes that there is security from the captive party to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

The massacre of 292 crocodiles occurred on Saturday (14/7) ago. Massa massacred crocodile after a citizen named Sugito was killed by crocodiles while looking for grass around crocodile breeding area, on Friday (13/7).

Of the 292 crocodiles, two of which belong to the government and 290 others are assets of the license holder, PT Mitra Lestari Abadi.