The explosion of oil refineries in Germany, 1,800 people were evacuated

The explosion of oil refineries in Germany, 1,800 people were evacuatedAn oil refinery in southern Germany was hit by an explosion that triggered a major fire. At least 8 people were injured and about 1,800 others were evacuated.

As reported by AFP on Saturday (01/09/2018), this explosion shook the oil refinery managed by the Bayernoil Group in Ingolstadt, Bavaria on Saturday (1/9) morning at around 05:30 local time. The cause of this explosion is unknown.

It was told by the local police that there were 8 victims injured in this incident. Three of them experienced ‘moderate to serious injuries’.
The explosion triggered a fire in the oil refinery area, forcing local authorities to carry out large-scale evacuations.

Around 1,800 residents living in the cities of Vohburg and Irsching who are close to the location of the incident, were forced to evacuate as a precautionary measure.

About 200 firefighters were deployed to the location to conduct blackouts. “Fire fighting efforts are still continuing,” said a statement from the local police.

Local emergency authorities require residents who live within a radius of 20 kilometers from the scene to be alert. “Close doors and windows tightly because of smoke (fire),” they pleaded.

The investigation continues to find out the cause of this incident.