The appearance of the newest British fighter jet for 2 billion pounds

The appearance of the newest British fighter jet for 2 billion poundsBritish Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson formally introduced the latest aircraft jet fighter design of his air force in an aviation show.

Speaking in the event Farnborough Air Show, on Monday (16/7/2018) ago, Williamson reveal the initial form of a fighter jet named Tempest.

Reporting from the BBC, Williamson describes the capabilities of the future British fighter jet that can be flown using a remote control. “This jet will be flown either by pilot or functioned like a drone,” Williamson said.

He added that in addition to enhancing the country’s defense from external threats, the project to produce the latest jet fighters also aims to ensure the UK remains a leader in the technology and control of airspace in the future battle. “We have been at the forefront of the air combat sector for a hundred years, both in capability and in technology.”

“And this strategy will confirm that we are determined to retain that,” Williamson said. Britain is not currently involved in the latest ongoing combat program between France and Germany.

Nevertheless Williamson insisted that Britain did not oppose the establishment of cooperation with other countries.

“This shows if we are open to cooperation to protect airspace from ever-increasing threats in the future.” “This jet model shows a glimpse of what the future looks like,” he continued.

Williamson disclosed, the British government has invested up to 2 billion pounds for the jet fighter project is expected to be ready and can be flown first in 2035.

The development of the Tempest fighter jet will be conducted alongside BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce engine maker, Italian designer Leonardo, and MBDA missile experts. Later that jet fighter will replace the Typhoon jet aircraft unit, owned by the British air force.