The action was recorded by CCTV, a kidnapper gave himself up

The action was recorded by CCTV, a kidnapper gave himself upA kidnapper in China surrendered two days after he brought a six-year-old child to a surveillance camera.

SCMP reported Wednesday (08/08/2018), Xiao Long was kidnapped on Thursday (08/02/2018) while playing arcade games in Kunming.

At that time the father, known to only have the name Long, was busy selling fruit in his place which was 10 meters from the scene.

Proclaimed by, Long claimed he did not know his son was kidnapped until Xiao Long did not show up at dinner. “At that time I thought he was playing in the house of one of his schoolmates to not go home,” Long said.

However, because the child never showed up, Long and his wife then reported to the police, who immediately began the investigation. Authorities are authorized to open CCTV recording data.

From the recording, the police saw Xiao being taken by a man wearing a blue shirt. Authorities immediately released a release that the man was known to be surnamed Liu who lives in the Baoshan area, which is 490 km from Kunming.

Knowing he was found out, the 53-year-old man gave himself up while carrying Xiao on Saturday (04/08/2018) local time. To the police during kidnapping Xiao, Liu claimed to read the story and play to make him calm.

Liu was arrested on charges of kidnapping children under 14 with a prison term of up to five years.