Thai Cave Rescue Team Save Babies from Laos Floods

Thai Cave Rescue Team Save Babies from Laos FloodsThe devastating flood that hit southern Laos after the dam collapsed, has left thousands of people trapped. At least 14 people, including a baby, were rescued by a team of volunteers who had previously helped rescue teenagers trapped in Thai caves.

As reported by AFP on Friday (7/27/2018), the baby boy was found fear and starvation after days of not eating because stuck in flood. Many Laos are caught in flood after escaping into the hills after the Xe-Namnoy dam collapsed on Monday (23/7). The villages around the dam were hit by banjir bandang.

The rescue team from Thailand, who previously succeeded in removing 12 teenagers and trainers from the Tham Luang cave, has been involved in a rescue effort in Laos. They pierced the torrent of heavy currents and ruined debris and trees.

The rescued baby was one of 14 people trapped for days. Action rescue was captured amateur cameras and videos had viral on the internet.

“The baby boy was four months old and he did not have a fever, but he cried, probably because of the cold weather,” said Kengkard Bongkawong, one of the rescue teams from Thailand. “The baby was crying and looking scared.Actually they are all afraid of the flood,” he added.

The number of deaths caused by banjir bandang not known for sure. Earlier this week, Lao authorities said 27 bodies had been recovered and about 131 others were reported missing. But in a statement on Friday (27/7), Atapeu provincial governor Xiayaphone revised the death toll to five. He mentioned the large number of deaths based on ‘unconfirmed information’.

The highly closed Laotian authority is unfamiliar with the global spotlight and blocks its citizens’ access to foreign media. This makes it difficult to confirm the death toll.

The mystery of the number of victims deepened on Friday (27/7) when one of the most affected residents of Ban Mai, told AFP that eight residents in his village were killed when the flash flood came.

“Some were hit by houses, others fell into the water when their boats were overturned, but their bodies have not been found,” said Phuvieng Kumprasong, 54, to the rescue.

Ban Mai Village is one of dozens of villages hit by banjir bandang triggered by damaged Xe-Namnoy dam.